Hey there fellow backpackers! Finally after years of waiting you can now purchase the boxed set of the entire series!

The response to the show has been amazing , and we are proud as absynth fuelled punch to finally re-launch the series
on DVD for you to watch over and over and over!

We’ve included:

*  A shiny box and fold out  5 disc cover with a trip mud map and photos.
*  Each disc has long winded ridiculous menus hosted by the three of us… all be it a little fatter, and older!
*  Each episode has a commentary audio track recorded at various locations at various states of intoxicated for your enjoyment!
*  All 26 episodes have hand typed English subtitles, for the hearing impaired, language impaired or the silent midnight viewer!!
*  There’s also a Behind the Backpacks doco that shows how we made the show and in-depth interviews about the trip.
*  The opening theme song from the show, performed live by Kemp!
*  26 episodes uncensored, uninterrupted, and available 24 hours a day!





A small disclaimer to cover our arses: The DVD is available in PAL only at this stage, meaning that it may not play in all DVD players from all over the world. We will look at making a NSTC version if there is enough call for it. On a plus side, we’ve made it available in region-0, so should play in all computers all over the world. At the time of production, technology was lacking, there wasn’t  HD cameras available and the show was produced a little below standard definition with mono audio to suit world TV standards at the time… We’ve upscaled all the episodes and done what we can to keep the quality at it’s best! While we’d say it’s more about the content, that the quality of the show… nit pickers might crack the shits if they buy a DVD and find the quality a little less than what expected…still it’s pretty bloody good, so why not just shut-up and buy a copy!!!







WARNING: This series contains some nudity, simulated sex scenes, strong offensive language, drug references/imagery and subconscious half-arsed travel inspiration.  The producers have deemed that it may not be suitable for audiences under 18 years of age.


Delivery times may vary based on location