Hey guys! Welcome to the official BACKPACKERS journals, written by us… The official BACKPACKERS!

The following journals were all written on location around Europe and are a catalogue of our experiences during the filming of Backpackers. They were originally written for a popular travel agency’s website but now, like a slutty whore, the journals have callously jumped from their loving arms, back to us and now onto you! Hussie Journals!

Some of the things written about in these journals were included in BACKPACKERS and are now extrapolated on in further juicy detail but some of the events touched on never made it into the show at all (Whether that be because they couldn’t fit in the show or are just incredibly boring, we let you decide).

Unfortunately, some of the Journals are incomplete or missing altogether. This is because we are shit at filing things away and also partially because we got really drunk. Many, many, many times since writing these. And when you get really drunk, things sometimes get misplaced. So if there’s a little hole in the adventure there somewhere, just use your imagination to fill in the gaps… Preferably, with something exciting involving a dragon, Old Gregg and a girl with three boobs like in total recal!