All my life I have wanted to travel. You know that saying “It’s a small world”? I wanted to confirm that for myself. I didn’t know exactly what to expect and where I wanted to go, but I did know I wanted a life away. Not that my life wasn’t great, it’s just the other side of the world should offer something different! When I’m a grandpa I want be able to say: “When I was your age…” then say something really cool. That was it, I was going to do the things I wouldn’t normally have the courage to do, go places I had never dreamed of going and meet people I would have otherwise never met.

This was my plan and for the first part I lived it, doing things like flying to the other side of the world, speed dating and the Gloustershire cheese roll. Going to places like London, Dublin for St Patrick’s day (coincidentally my birthday) and Edinburgh. Meeting people like Chef Robin, Taz and Sarah. But what I hadn’t planned was to meet the girl of my dreams, fall in love and wish to settle. In fact that was the last thing on my mind. When a lot of people think of traveling they think promiscuity, but there I was, in Scotland, in a relationship!

If you are wondering why I have mentioned so little about this love, well its because its scary. Not scary writing about it, but scary in the fact it was happening! Within the first 2 weeks of getting to Scotland I met a girl. It was a random night at work. I had met Angela’s twin sister Leslie earlier. However this was the first night I had met her. Throughout the night I paid a lot of attention to their table, introduced myself and tried to make a good impression (I guess I did). One week later Leslie and I organised a night out to an Australian theme bar in Edinburgh, This is where I turned on the charm…………. by the end of the night I had her phone number and a kiss!

The next three months flew and we became close, we progressed from dating to seeing each other, to being boyfriend-girlfriend. Not something I take lightly as I hadn’t had a ‘girlfriend’ in over a year.
We hung out together and went some beautiful places. I was spending so much time with Angela for a while the only time I saw Mick and Jag was at work. I didn’t see this happening at all, not to me, not on this trip, especially not on the other side of the world… But expected or not, it was happening and it felt right!
Angela is a sweet girl, cute and innocent, a wee Scottish lass you might say but independent with a true tough streak. The perfect woman for me!

When I left Australia it was difficult to say goodbye to my family and friends, but when it came time to say goodbye to Angela, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to say goodbye! And to be honest I even shed a tear! I cant explain how I felt, it was so hard. Not only was I leaving the girl who I had come so close to, but I was leaving to live in a big blue van, driving through random towns in Europe not knowing where I was going to sleep or bathe! You could imagine my insecurity and reluctance to go.

But that was 2 months ago now, I have seen and done some incredible things in that time and managed to keep in contact with Angela. In fact an e-mail or an sms almost everyday, which is tough when your on the road with not much money. and

Right now I’m driving on my way to Valencia, just having left Lagos in Portugal. We are on our way to the La Tomatina tomato festival in Burno, Spain. I am in a particularly good mood and it’s good to be back on the road. We were heavy two more travel buddies; Kim and Shantelle and on our way to a huge food fight! Everyone was in a good mood, but the real reason for my cheerfulness was that on the way we were to make a stop off in Alacante airport. Angela was to meet me there! Our first rendezvous, I can’t wait!